Todo lo que sucede importa

How to navigate the labyrinth of feelings

2ª edición
137 PÁGS.
ISBN: 978-84-330-2538-8
For parents and educators of boys, girls, adolescents and adults of any age.

Feelings play an irreplaceable role in our lives. They give or take away the strength to achieve what we want. They provide us with personality, wealth, the ability to love and be loved. Without them we could not function as human beings nor could we be happy.

But to reach happiness – and it is possible – we need to untangle the skein of our life. Learn to avoid the main traps that arise before our feelings, to avoid them and find the right way out of our labyrinth.

A labyrinth that we walk through as we live. That’s why everything that happens really matters.

Knowing how to take advantage of it for our peace and happiness and that of those we love, is the essence of the personal success that we long for in our culture and time.

Despite this, our society often uses wrong maps to search for happiness through feelings. This book explains how to take advantage of our feelings so that they lead us to the success that we all deserve and need.


  1. Tira el GPS
  2. La primera trampa: yo
  3. Una brújula
  4. El callejón de la curiosidad
  5. Mapas y caminos: qué sentimos
  6. Aprovechar los sentimientos
  7. Dominar y expresar las emociones
  8. ¿Para qué sirven las emociones?
  9. Cómo evitar los efectos negativos de las emociones
  10. La cabeza y el corazón: dos en uno
  11. Más sobre el amor
  12. Dependencia emocional sin libertad
  13. La trampa extendida del maltrato
  14. Los sentimientos y algunos ejemplos
  15. Nuestro amor real: la llave
  16. Mejor, todoterrenos
  17. Amar sin perder la cabeza
  18. Un consejo sobre la comunicación
  19. Simplemente acertar
  20. Ahora
  21. El activismo solidario
  22. La salida