La genialidad incomprendida de los niños

272 PÁGS.
ISBN:  978-84-113-13-445

For parents and educators of children, adolescents and adults of any age.

Genius and sensitivity are present in every healthy human being and have become an important value; To tell the truth, in a need to face with guarantees the turbulent times we live in, the threshold of a difficult time that only each one will solve, being more human and resorting to what he was in his childhood: a sensitive and brilliant person. This book defends the need to discover and safeguard the genius and sensitivity that develop from childhood so that they continue to grow in adolescence, youth and adulthood, which is when they are needed most. Through numerous real examples of the genius of boys, girls and adolescents, it exposes the techniques and tools that will help young people and adults (fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, relatives, teachers and educators) to detect, value and care for it until that it ceases to be a dying quality in everyone’s life. With high intellectual capacity (ACI) or, furthermore, with high capacity for humanity, the most precious asset of every person is none other than being happy. Geniales was born to work with our brilliant children in search of true and complete happiness.