Affection, Behavior, and Learning


Fernando Alberica is a regular speaker on topics related to the affection, behavior, and the education of infants, children, and adolescents, as well as love and heartbreak, emotional relationships, and other human relationships.

Some of his conferences have been published, such as “Tuning In with Children,” “Authority and Trust,” or “Self-Control.”


“The Example of Parents in the Digital Context”

Conference at Oak House Scholl

“Good self-esteem”

Online Conference for FEPACE

“Educate without stress”

TED Conference at Gijón

INterview on ‘Familia en construcción’

“Keys to boosting your children’s self-esteem”

Family Time

«Todos tus hijos pueden ser Einstein»

During a Session at Valdebebas, at the Facilities of Real Madrid C.F.
About the Family Support a Young Sports Talent Needs
During a Session with Families of Athletes from Unicaja Basketball, in Málaga.